Can a mattress have an impact on intimacy?

According to our SexySleep research, a mattress can indeed impact your love life. Many people reported that memory foam mattresses altered their ability to perform romantically, which negatively impacted their intimate experiences. Some couples even resorted to having sex in other household locations to avoid the memory foam mattress.

Does temperature impact a comfortable romantic experience?

According to sex experts, an uncomfortable temperature can reduce the quality and frequency of intimacy in the bedroom. Innersprings sleep 28% cooler than foam, according to research done by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research Institute.

How do you evaluate a mattress surface for satisfactory sex?

Most consumers want a mattress that gives them the freedom to easily move around and change positions, especially during intimacy. An Ultimate Hybrid Mattress™ has the physics necessary for the comfort and support needed for restful sleep and the energy giveback needed for intimate experiences. Try it out. Lie on your back. Roll to your side and stomach like you are trying to find your perfect sleep position. Climb on the bed with your hands and knees. Think about the support and responsiveness the mattress will offer during sex. Get a feel for your playful bounce ratio – if you need help download the Bounce-Per-Ounce app developed by Leggett & Platt.

Why did Leggett & Platt conduct the SexySleep research?

We conducted the SexySleep research to put science behind our belief that there is a lack of consumer awareness about the latest advancements in innerspring technology.

This study is important for both the public and the mattress industry. It informs the consumers about the importance of considering intimacy when purchasing a mattress, and educates the bedding industry on the issues consumers face when purchasing a mattress.

We believe consumers deserve to know they don't have to pick between great sleep OR great sex. The data from our study shows Ultimate Hybrid Mattresses offer a complete sex-and-sleep bedroom solution.

Performance for intimacy isn't a topic mattress retailers have been comfortable introducing to their customers, but our study revealed consumers are interested in this type of information. We wanted to spark dialogue in the industry and bring an important topic to light.

A May 2012 Barron's article titled "Sex or Sleep?" was the catalyst for the research. The article cited confessions and complaints from memory foam owners about intimacy on their mattresses. Many regretted the purchase. The Barron's article identified a problem, but didn't offer a solution for consumers, only a choice of either memory foam for good sleep or "traditional" innersprings for good sex.

Sleep is critical for good health and should never be compromised. With an Ultimate Hybrid Mattress, both good sleep and good sex are optimized.

What exactly is an Ultimate Hybrid Mattress?

An Ultimate Hybrid is a mattress that pairs Leggett & Platt's Comfort Core™ fabric-encased innerspring technology with specialty sleep materials comprised of foam, gel, or latex.

It's a best-of-class hybrid that offers the favorable aspects and benefits of foam, gel, or latex, without the downside found in mattresses predominantly made of those materials. The Comfort Core™ technology found inside every Ultimate Hybrid Mattress showcases the latest advancements in innersprings, essentially eliminating motion transfer – setting Ultimate Hybrids apart from other hybrid-style mattresses.

Ultimate Hybrid is a classification, not a brand of mattress, similar to the "Energy Star" rating or the "Intel Inside."

The Ultimate Hybrid is good news for consumers. They no longer have to choose great sleep OR great sex, or compromise any aspect of their mattress' performance.

Does Leggett & Platt make Ultimate Hybrid Mattresses?

Ultimate Hybrid is a classification, not a brand of mattress. Leggett & Platt makes the Comfort Core™ fabric-encased innerspring technology found inside every Ultimate Hybrid Mattress. If it doesn't have Leggett & Platt inside, it's not an Ultimate Hybrid.

Where are Ultimate Hybrid Mattresses sold? And who makes Ultimate Hybrid Mattresses?

Ultimate Hybrids are offered by many of the world's leading mattress brands in a variety of styles and price ranges, and are sold at mattress retailers all over the country. We have a printable list of Ultimate Hybrid Mattresses on our site that has been supplied by Print that list and bring it with you while shopping to ensure mattress salespeople can direct you to genuine "Ultimate Hybrid Mattresses" to evaluate.

Can you buy an Ultimate Hybrid Mattress online?

Yes, there are many e-tailers that sell Ultimate Hybrid models. You can refer to our online list to speed up your searches. Many websites today have the "chat" feature built in for further assistance in online purchasing.

Can you get an Ultimate Hybrid Mattress from warehouse club stores?

Yes, Sam's Club carries Ultimate Hybrid Mattresses in a limited variety at certain stores. You can also visit their website for a larger selection.

Are there other hybrid mattresses that don't have Leggett & Platt inside?

There are other hybrid-style mattresses that do not utilize our advancements in innerspring technology. If someone wants to ensure they are evaluating or purchasing a genuine Ultimate Hybrid Mattress, they should be sure to utilize our list provided by A mattress must have Comfort Core™ technology inside to be a genuine Ultimate Hybrid Mattress.

Can't you make your own "Ultimate Hybrid" by putting a foam "topper" on your innerspring mattress? Wouldn't it save you money from having to buy a new mattress?

Creating an Ultimate Hybrid it isn't as simple as adding a topper to innersprings. Trying to replicate the Ultimate Hybrid with a memory foam topper can actually duplicate some of the issues identified with memory foam mattresses. Simply adding a topper will not provide the total benefits of an Ultimate Hybrid.

Memory foam seems so popular. Can you explain why people feel it doesn't work for sex?

Most people can't understand the intimacy issues on memory foam unless they have experienced them firsthand.

  1. From the Barron's article, New York sex therapist Sari Eckler Cooper was quoted: "There's a lack of resistance for the knees and feet. And whoever is on the bottom is sinking into the bed."
  1. Memory Foam:
  2. Sinks the body and absorbs energy, which makes any movement, such as changing positions, difficult.
  3. Consumes you, rather than working and moving with you like innersprings.
  4. Becomes compressed and can feel hard when the body sinks into it.
  5. Doesn't have the energy return of innersprings, which lends to the feeling of being "stuck" and having to put in a lot of effort to move, especially during intimacy.

This is why the physics and energy of innersprings really work well for intimacy. Comfort Core™ innersprings are individually wrapped and guard against motion disturbance from your partner during sleep, but still provide a critical return of energy and bounce during intimacy.

Because we don’t advertise the merits of our latest innerspring technology, most people aren't aware memory foam mattresses are actually an older technology than our Comfort Core™ fabric-encased innersprings.

What is the price range for an Ultimate Hybrid Mattress, and what are the differences within that price range?

Prices can be as low as $599 and go all the way up to $15,000. There is a wide selection within the Ultimate Hybrid Mattress classification. Ultimate Hybrids all have that critical support from our Comfort Core™ innerspring technology, but the specialty sleep materials of foam, gel, or latex are offered in a wide variety of styles. This means you can find an Ultimate Hybrid to meet your personal preferences.

What mattress brands were used in the study? How much did they cost?

We made sure to select a leading brand and popular model of memory foam mattress as well as a leading brand and popular model of Ultimate Hybrid Mattress. To the penny, the mattresses were priced the same.

Are there any other research studies available regarding intimacy and mattresses?

Leggett & Platt is the first to broach the topic of performance for intimacy in relation to mattress research. There is other research about hybrid mattress satisfaction, or sleep, but the research didn't ask specifically about intimacy performance.

What other research says:
Consumer Reports' most recent mattress testing, which is featured in the May 2013 issue, reports, "About 40% of buyers had regrets about their purchases. Things they would do differently include buying another mattress type, spending more time trying models, and doing more research." Consumer Reports also recommends, "You can do better than foam," and ranks the top three innerspring mattresses above the best memory foam mattress, finding, "Three memory foam models could make changing positions a challenge." An Ultimate Hybrid Mattress, made by Serta, was given a "Best Buy" rating in the report.

A 2012 consumer survey by Furniture/Today and Apartment Therapy reflected the growing popularity of hybrids. "Consumers are thrilled with their hybrid beds," said David Perry, Executive Editor and mattress expert, Furniture/Today. "Hybrids had a higher satisfaction score than any other type of sleep set."

How often are people supposed to buy a new mattress?

The Better Sleep Council recommends getting a new mattress every seven years.

Who is Leggett & Platt? Do you make anything other than Comfort Core™ innersprings?

Leggett & Platt is a leading diversified U.S. manufacturer (and S&P 500 member) that conceives, designs, and produces a broad variety of engineered components and products available around the globe in top home, office, automotive, and other market sector brands. The Leggett & Platt IDEA Center is one of the world's largest bedding component research and development facilities and is at the forefront of the latest innovations and advancements in comfort and support for the human form.

You say "memory foam, gel, or latex." Does that mean all Ultimate Hybrid Mattresses are built with latex? Many people have life-threatening allergic reactions to latex.

The mattress industry is well aware of the latex allergy concerns and latex is just one Ultimate Hybrid option. Anyone with a latex allergy should be sure to tell the salesperson about their allergy to ensure they are directed to Ultimate Hybrids that do not contain any latex.

Has there ever been a hip-hop song and video produced about hybrid mattresses?

We thought you'd never ask. As a matter of fact, yes. Here's a link to Get Hybrid, a hip-hop video about Ultimate Hybrid Mattresses. Enjoy.